Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finissage: APPEAL 2012

Thank you to everyone who helped round off this three-week project, APPEAL 2012, which came to a close last night in Doornfontein. 

This inaugural project for guerilla gallery is a long-running research exploration by Elgin Rust around the notion of judicial versus aesthetic redress and takes the form of a ficitional trial. Rust opened this process up to a jury of participants artists for its Johannesburg iteration: Catherine Dickerson, Amber-Jade Geldenhuys, Ansie Greyling, Kadromatt, Ikram Lakhdhar, Kai Lossgott, Leroye Malaton, Agnes Marton, Naadira Patel, Sandile Radebe, Pauline Theart, Mma Tseleng and Marguerite Visser.

The exhibition continually shapeshifted over its run, as the artists responded to a core installation of 'evidence' by Rust as well as the industrial exhibition space, and these were fully evident at the finissage event on Monday 24 September.

Some of the works were performative and ephemeral. These included a performance piece by Kai Lossgott, including a typewriter, legal statute book and magnetic tape. This relates to another work of his on exhibition entitled truth addicts anonymous where Lossgott has effectively destroyed the page of a legal statute book by overtyping variations on the oath to sworn testimony and presented it on the surface of an LED lightbox. The finissage also included a performance by Pauline Theart, currently completing her MA in Interactive Media at University of the Witwatersrand, who sang a lullaby into the exhibition space in response to perceived trauma in the work as part of a broader artistic exploration of voice and song in sound art. She repeated this performance at the artists' walkabout and the vernissage.

The opening night also featured two performance works: Agnes Marton's unnanounced poetry readings around the exhibition space; and a unique kwaito set by Kadromatt and Mma Tseleng that referenced a legal dispute regarding royalties and copyright issues rendered together with courtroom audio evidence provided by Rust.

Other works were site-specific, such as Sandile Radebe's cardboard column that responded to notions of architectural redress, and Ansie Greyling's 'Gogga' installation that climbed two adjacent walls as well as Amber-Jade Geldenhuys' installation of obsolete surveillance cameras from an existing perforation in the ceiling. Some were collaborative, such as Leroye Malaton's reconfiguration of Elgin Rust's 'The Ship of Fools' into a kind of pscyhogeography of how it feels to be inside a courtroom scenario. Catherine Dickerson's inflatable sculptures also took a cue from the venue, more in form than content, with their materials reflecting a new method of working in stitched refuse bags powered by eletric fans in the first installation and hairdryers in the second. All were set to automated timers that inflated and deflated the sculptures at intervals. Naadira Patel installed a video and sound work projected onto the back wall of a vault-like room and Ikram Lakhdhar participated long-distance from the US with a visual response to the artworks in progress.

Herewith some photos from the closing event:

Kai Lossgott and Pauline Theart 
Guests with one of Sandile Radebe's sculptural installations on the right
Elgin Rust's tower installation of tapes 
The main exhibition space
Elgin Rust's roaming advocate

Acknowledgements started the evening off
Amber-Jade Geldenhuys' installation 'Static Mobile' gets close attention
Kai Lossgott's LED lightbox work 'truth addicts anonymous'

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artists' Walkabout: APPEAL 2012

Interested parties joined artists from 'APPEAL 2012' on 15 September to hear more about the exhibition and research project currently showing in Doornfontein:

Elgin Rust introduces her project in front of her tower installation
Sandile Radebe explains his work in progress
Leroye Malaton speaks about his reconfiguration of Elgin Rust's 'Ship of Fools'
Kim Gurney introduces Kai Lossgott's lightbox work in the 'judges' room'
Leroye Malaton takes a closer look at Ansie Greyling's 'Gogga' installation in the corner of the 'jury room'
Elgin Rust shows what 'The Ship of Fools' looked like before Leroye's intervention
Pauline Theart performs a lullaby into the exhibition space in response to perceived trauma evident in the work. Her piece is part of a broader exploration of voice and song in sound art.
Project website: http://appeal-2012.withtank.com

Friday, September 7, 2012

Installation of 'Appeal 2012' underway

Collaborating artists for the forthcoming exhibition 'Appeal 2012' are busy installing their work in a warehouse space in Doornfontein:

Elgin Rust
Amber-Jade Geldenhuys

The 'jury' table (detail)

Sandile Radebe and Agnes Marton 


Judges' room
Photos: Kim Gurney

The show opens on Tuesday 11 September at 18h00 at 3 Buxton Street, cnr 29 Siemert. Visit www.facebook.com/guerillagallery.jhb for updates and http://appeal-2012.withtank.com for more project information.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kwaito set from Mma Tseleng and Kadromatt opens 'Appeal 2012'

Mma Tseleng & Kadromatt return to explore early Kwaito's use of language in Case # 001/05/1994-2004: Sghubu vs The People. Building from Hillbrow: The Map, a mixtape and cassette sleeve publication that looked at royalty and ownership cases in early Kwaito, the duo will perform at the vernissage of the exhibition 'Appeal' a set that investigates music's disregard for morals, the media, academia, hypocrisy and society's double standards.

Join Mma Tseleng & Kadromatt to celebrate the opening of Elgin Rust's exhibition and research project that together with a dozen participating artists explores the intersection of art, law and the media and related notions of redress.

The exhibition is the inaugural project of guerilla gallery, which eschews its own bricks and mortar to host projects in makeshift city spaces.

Date: Tuesday 11 September
Time: 18h00
Venue: 3 Buxton Street, cnr 29 Siemert, Doornfontein, Johannesburg - courtesy The Living Artists' Emporium

w: http://www.appeal-2012.withtank.com
f: www.facebook.com/guerillagallery.jhb

Hillbrow: The Map (detail) (2012)
Installation towards a cassette sleeve and mixtape publication, 
part of the Independent Publishing Project, April 2012
Mma Tseleng and Kadromatt
Image credit: Francis Burger